Saturday, 19 June 2010

Sad News

Someone I got to know 20 years ago through our mutual love of U2 died the other day.  We never became close friends, we were moreso acquaintances, she was a part of a group of us, "the girls," who used to hang around a lot (especially in U2 concert queues!) during U2 tours in the 1990's.  Jackie had been ill for a couple of years and passed away (far too young) on Thursday and I've felt very sad as I thought of her, her family and memories over the last couple of days.  We shared many a U2 concert, 3am hysteria in Jury's hotel after a Dublin RDS gig,  the 24 hour madness before and after the Astoria show, the highs and low of getting a U2 photopass, being completely drenched during an electrical storm as Mr MacPhisto made his first appearance on stage in Rotterdam ..... 

Rest in Peace Jackie.      

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