Monday, 31 May 2010

U2 360 at the Rose Bowl Highlights on Sky

Just watched the highlights from the Rose Bowl DVD on Sky.  I must admit I was underwhelmed at first, maybe it was something to do with Boots being the first song played, there was something missing.  Also I found the film editing too choppy for my liking I would have preferred more camera time on Bono as he sang.

I was looking forward to seeing Crazy as I loved that live, but the full effect didn't come across as it had in the stadiums live, disappointing.

It turned around a bit for me during Streets, there was a point where the four band members gathered close together and the camera was behind them and you could see the massive crowd all lit up singing along.  It was an amazing sight and captured a little of that U2 magic that can happen during shows. 

I enjoyed UltraViolet too.  Very powerful, liked how the "steering wheel" was lit up (it hadn't been like that in Europe) and shone on Bono's face.  Don't think he'll be swinging about on it as he was here if he does get to do European shows this summer though!

Of course the setlist was very edited to fit into the hour slot and the full flow of a 360 show was not there, hopefully I'll be raving about it once I see the full version.

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