Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Bono Has Emergency Surgery

I've been away at a friend's home over the weekend (more about that soon) but just before I went I heard the news that Bono was admitted to a hospital in Munich at the end of last week for emergency surgery on his back.  He's had back trouble for a very long time, but this must be quite serious as the band have officially cancelled the gig in Salt Lake City which was to open the next leg of the 360 Tour early next month.  One thing is for sure, U2 don't cancel gigs for nothing. 

"They" say that you don't notice going from 39 to 40 but you do notice going from 49 to 50, I'm sure Bono has!  I hope he will be better soon.  If he's not 100% during the tour - if they do go ahead with it - they can always modify the stage to accommodate him .....

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