Thursday, 4 March 2010

Spring and Black Woodpeckers.....

It was a lovely day today, blue skies and a little warmth once more in the sun.  Crocuses are brightening up the gardens and verges, daffodils are nearly out and the crows are gathering in the tall trees - always a sign spring is not far off.  Soon I expect it to be what I call Bird Song Day, when all the birds seem to be singing to herald in the rebirth of spring, nature is amazing. 

Heard this on the local news today, if you want a good laugh read about it here - someone must be feeling very embarrassed now!


  1. We had 12 cm of new snow last night and I had to to work with the shovel again. Forecast is preedicting minus 6 degrees for tonight ... I officially raise an objection! :-(

  2. Oh dear, spring hasn't reached Germany yet! Hope it's the last of the snow for you.