Monday, 15 March 2010

Bugs, Quiet U2, Weird Happenings

I'm just recovering from a nasty bug that resulted in me spending most of my weekend either in the bathroom or crashed out in bed and feeling very sorry for myself!  My dogs had to make do with runs in the garden rather than walks, but they were so good and slept when I did, they know when you are not well.  I'm still not 100%, but much better than I was and am now back into the usual swing of things.

U2 have been so quiet over the last few weeks, various "off duty" sitings of Edge and Bono in New York and the other day Bono popped up briefly in Ghana.  But there is no sign that the band are together working on any new material.  It's been a strange year for them really, an album release that was generally well received critically, but not a huge hit, and poor chart positions for single releases.  A stadium tour of Europe and North America that sold very well considering the difficult financial times.  The Brit, Grammy and Meteor season has been and gone and U2 did not win one award though they were nominated in the two latter events. 

After the tour Bono was going on about another album they hoped to release this year called Songs of Ascent.  Then the album became an EP, and now there is talk of, maybe, a new single before the next tour starts.  This doesn't sound like a band that is brimming with creativity and "on fire" to use the main man's favourite term.  I wish they wouldn't come out with these kind of statements only to disappoint fans.

It may just be me, but I sense a change coming for U2, I'm not sure what, maybe they are stepping back a bit, which I can understand.  Adam has just turned 50 and Bono will do so soon, a decade birthday always makes you ponder and look at where in your life you are now, your path forward, the things you have left behind.  Perhaps they are taking time out to chill and to decide just what is going to happen with the band and maybe they will just have to learn to accept that biggest isn't what they are now.  But biggest doesn't matter anyway, we fans have always known that.

And finally, I want to share a very odd thing that happened to me earlier this evening.  I went to work as usual, and when I came out one of my car headlights was on!  It had been light when I went to work so my lights were off when it was parked (my lights go off anyway when the engine is switched off).  I thought it was well weird and if anyone has an explanation I'd love to hear it!

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