Thursday, 25 February 2010

A Day of Mishaps!

I was woken with a jolt today - literally!  I heard a crack, then another and another, then I sunk in my bed, another crack, and I was sinking lower.  I am not good in the mornings, but eventually due to my sunken state under the duvet, realised my bed has collapsed!  I know I'm not slim but this was ridiculous!  I hauled myself out of the bed and peeked underneath and many of the pine slats had given way along with the central metal bar of the bedstead.  I realised then that my laziness a few months ago had come to haunt me.  When I'd decorated my bedroom a while back I'd dismantled the bed and afterwards put it back together.  However after it was all done I realised I'd forgotten to put the three metal legs onto the central metal bar.  I couldn't be bothered to sort it out thinking it would be ok.  Well, my laziness was costly because today the lack of those legs caused that central metal bar to give way.  So now I have to get another bed, and will have to sleep on my mattress on the floor until it arrives.  Just shows that taking the easy way out ultimately doesn't pay!  But I  did find a half price bargain bed on the Tesco website, and I also got 1000 Clubcard points - I'm manically saving these points and changing them to airmiles for a planned trip to the US next year and this has boosted my miles so this episode has had one bonus for me.

Then tonight at work I managed to trip over my own feet and fell heavily on my knee, luckily there was no one around to see me sprawling ungainly on the floor!  My knee is now sore, swollen and very bruised, think I'd better get to my bed (on the floor) before anything else happens!


  1. Poor Sue! :-) Glad to see that you take it with humour. But, hey, a new bed is almost like a new start in life. I hope your knee'll be alright soon. (I have a bad tooth that has to be extracted next week; so I'm not happy either.)

  2. You've got to see the funny side of things! Hope you've got your tooth sorted by now, nothing worse than toothache.

  3. Sue,
    Have to admit you make me smile at your antics! I could just imagine what it was like when your bed broke lol