Monday, 1 February 2010

Life Goes On

I haven't written much in my blog recently mainly because life has been quiet and I've just been plodding on with my normal life.  This time of year often is quite dull I find, and I'm getting sick of the winter.  Mind you the good thing is that the days are getting longer which is always good to see.

But things are livening up soon, it's not long until my first trip of 2010, a few days in Dublin.  It'll be great to be back in what feels like my second home once more, it'll be seven months since I was there, a long time for me.  As per usual we've already got our evening meals mapped out and I'm salivating at the thought LOL! 

Meanwhile the story below has nothing to do with Dublin but it tickled my fancy today:
The Multilingual Car Park Machine....

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  1. Same over here. I wish the winter would go away! Funny story btw. Me and a colleague joked that all error messages worldwide should be in German. ;-)