Saturday, 26 September 2009

No Way!

Well is annoying me once again! I've been checking about presale codes for the 2010 European shows because (as usual with this pathetic site) it's not clear if current subscribers will get another code. It seems that in order to get another code you will have to re-subscribe before the presale date of the particular show you want to see. So, if I wanted to say, go for the presale for Vienna on the 29th September, I would have to re-subscribe now even though my present sub does not expire for over five months!

To my knowledge this is the earliest that tickets have ever gone on sale for a U2 tour, why should we re-subscribe early because of that and fill's coffers If you are a paid up subscriber you should get a presale code, simple. In my eyes this is a blatant money-grabbing venture, which I think is pretty awful considering how difficult times are for ordinary people in the recession at the moment. Fans are being forced into parting with a very expensive fanclub subscription early in irder to get presale codes. The only good thing about it is that the extra subscription is going to be added onto the current sub so you don't lose any months. This is the corporate monster of U2 which I hate, if they weren't so damed brilliant live I'd tell them to feck off! I just renewed my REM subscription for $12, you get a fabulous Christmas package, regular newsletters by post and I even got happy birthday email, a lovely personal touch. Now that's what I call a brilliant fanclub! I hate

Sorry for ranting but I had to get that out of my system!


  1. Your're so right! Its awful. Brilliant or not, sometimes I want to slap their faces and give them a good kicking in their a****!

  2. Me too Andy. The thing is most fans just seem to be accepting it, which I find hard to understand

  3. Sue, As you know I've been away and now catching up with I'm sickened by it as I've only been subscripted for about 6 months and now they want more money? In todays hard times, folk cannot keep sinking money into u2 pockets! the tickets were expensive too.