Wednesday, 2 September 2009


God it's September already, and don't I know it. There a nip of autumn in the air, winter clothes have replaced the tee shirts and sun dresses, the bright colours are muted, Christmas cards and displays are appearing, days are getting shorter.

It's not my favourite time of year but I'm determined not to get too down that winter is approaching, and I've got many projects on the go. The main ones being to look for a part time job and to - maybe - write a book.

The job firstly will be useful to help to pay off the credit card that got a lot of use during U2 360! Plus I need to save for the next round of the tour in 2010. I enjoyed this years gallivanting so much I want to do as much as am able to next year.

The thoughts about writing a book come from a trip I did with my friend Dianne when she was staying with me in August. We went to The Devil's Porridge exhibition not far from where I live. It is about a huge World War One munitions factory that stretched for nine miles and had thousands of workers making cordite. It was dangerous work mainly done by women. It was absolutely fascinating and as we were looking round the exhibition Dianne (who is a writer) said, "Now here's a novel waiting to be written, you should do it." And that got me thinking, maybe I could do it? So at present I'm just doing some research, I'm not sure I could write something as long as a novel, all my writing has been of relatively short articles, but I'll see!

In the meantime you can read a little about The Devil's Porridge exhibition here


  1. Hi Sue, I always feel the same at this time of year. But I expect we'll have some warm and sunny days left in September. The book-idea sounds fabulous. I hope you manage to pull if off! I wrote some novellas myself when I was younger, but never got around to publishing them. (Well, they were too contrived and philosophical anyway, stylistically immature and almost without plot.) Good luck!

  2. go the book! have you read The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society? no doubt it emerged form a similar line of thought. great book btw.

  3. Thanks for your encouragement folks! No, Captain I haven't read that book but I'll put it on my "to read" list.