Friday, 20 March 2009

What A Day!

I spent all day from 8am until 5pm manning the computer trying to get tickets for the second Dublin show and hoping that a second London show would be announced. I got so sick of refreshing the various sites I was watching and it's a wonder I didn't get pressure sores on my arse! My dogs Pepsi and Max wondered why they were only rushed out to the garden every now and then rather than getting their proper walks. And all for nothing, I didn't get a look in at getting a Dublin 2 tickets and no Second Wembley gig was announced. Rumours are it will be announced on Monday but, ironically, I'll be in Dublin house-sitting for a friend then!

But I'm not complaining, thanks to the well organised presale (yes CAN sort things out sometimes!) my friends and I have tickets for four shows. We might get more tickets over the next few weeks, we might not. The main thing is that we have tickets to one show in all the places we will be staying in on our U2 360 Tour.

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