Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Tour Stress And It's Only Starting!

Well the U2 community in Europe and the USA/Canada has been all excited with the tour dates being released! My email and phone line has been hot as my friends and I decided on shows we wanted to or could see (bearing mind work commitments, life commitments and money). Plus another thing that makes it difficult for us is that, with the exception of Dawn, my other U2 friends do not live close to me - one is in America! So it's a logistical challenge to work it all out. I think we've got it pretty much sorted now though.

When U2 tour (which as we know isn't often) we always try to incorporate seeing a concert with a holiday abroad. We were going to go to America and see a show in New York this time, I've never been there and it's the kind of place you have to see at some point in your life. But due to the recession and poor exchange rates we decided against that, and instead we are having a week in Nice. I love France (I'd sell my soul for a freshly baked baguette!) and the Cote d'Azur is an area I've wanted to visit for a long time. There's so much to do and see there as well so we are very excited at the thought of going.

We are also going to Dublin for the show there, not quite as glamorous as Nice but my favourite city and second home all the same. In the UK we will go to Glasgow and London. As we have four presales between us we are - hopefully - guaranteed tickets for all the shows. But until the presales are done I'll be stressed - and then what if they add shows...........?


  1. 3 shows? wow. very goodly. i'm very happy for you and slightly jealous...but mostly happy. i know what you mean about stress. securing seats is always nerve wracking! i'm holding breath for Oz dates butmust breathe soon....

  2. Thanks Captain, fingers crossed that they come your way next year!