Wednesday, 27 August 2008

What U2 Could Learn From REM

Value for money (1)
Fanclub membership
U2 $45 includes occasional exlusives on 25% one off discount on store merchandise. Recently a free tee shirt/CD on re-subscribing.

REM $12 includes regular newsletters, exclusive interviews/photos, a Christmas package that includes card from the band, plus goodies such as CDs, videos etc. Discount on all store items for members.

Looking after and showing appreciation of fans:
With the fanclub tickets REM gave members wristbands that allowed them early entry into the venue so they could get prime places in the front enclosure. Excellent idea what a wonderful thank you that is to loyal fans.

Value for money (2)
Tickets for REMs gig in Manchester were £45 - very reasonable.

Why U2 can't do some of the things REM do for their fans - especially a reduction in the extortionate fanclub fee? I also think the wristband idea is wonderful too! I know U2 are on a bigger scale than REM, but I see no reason why they can't do similar things for their loyal fans.


  1. Quite simply because U2 have become a money-making machine. The four of them may still be nice as individual persons; but corporate U2 is a scary monster. And fans are only welcome as long as they can milk them. (Sorry if that sounds cynical. I was a big fan once and still quite like them - but not as much as I used to.)

  2. I agree with a lot of what you said, U2 has become a corporate monster in many ways. When I saw REM and heard about what they do for fans it reminded me of what U2 were once in the earlier Propaganda days. It is sad this has happened. As you said the band members are lovely people who are great to fans when they meet them. I just hope that the next album is a stunner and I can stll love the U2 music.