Saturday, 16 August 2008

New U2 Songs "Leak"

Various newspapers such as this have been reporting on the songs recorded by a fan outside Bono's villa in Eze, France, these songs were then posted on the Net. Does this sound a bit familiar? I think so, I can remember very similar things happening in the past. Seems U2 are often rather negligent not long before a new album is released and fans manage to record new music and upload it onto the Internet. You'd think a band like u2 could afford better soundproofing.....


  1. In my opinion that's on purpose. The "leak" news make it into the mainstream press and therefore the whole world knows a new U2 album is on the way. Quite clever marketing strategy. It worked with the last two albums. ;-)

  2. other new u2 song titles are....
        -Get Out of the Water!
        -Run to the House.
        -Stop Talking!
        -Ferme ta Gueule
        -Tape it to a Stick
        -Hold it High.
        -Stop Rubbing the Phone.

        'Au revoir'
            mark jaquette @
                illustrationism &
                    bammgraphics !

    hear the leaked songs HERE