Monday, 30 June 2008

Two Handsome Irishmen!

Found these really nice photos of Bono and Adam taken by fans have appeared on the Net. They were taken at HQ recently. Adam is looking very good, I'm not a fan of grey hair but I think the silver fox look is great for him and he's looking really well. Bono on these photos is looking great too. It never fails to amaze me at just how different he can look. One day he is drawn, lines etched in his face, seemingly older than his years and then the next day he can look wonderful and almost youthful as in these photos! That man is a real enigma.

Seems Edge and Larry are still keeping a low profile at HQ - in fact I'm beginning to wonder if Larry is really there at all, no one - to my knowledge - has met him at HQ this year! Maybe he's really left U2 and they are trying to hide the fact - even the latest studio video on didn't show his face did it???

Go here to see more photos of Bono and Adam.