Friday, 6 June 2008

It's All Starting......

Daniel Lanois said in an interview on June 4th that the new U2 album is going great, all tracks are done, they are finishing vocals, and all the recording part should be finished in the next three or four weeks. He also said that the new album is one of the great innovative records from U2. Rumours are that it will be released in November this year which is the band's usual pattern.

Just hearing that has made me so excited! I love this time when a new album is on it's way and the anticipation builds. I so need an "innovative" album from U2 next time as I was a little disappointed with How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb. It was ok, but it didn't challenge me, it was safe and it didn't venture into any new ground. And they took one of the best songs they've done for a long time, Mercy, off the album. I knew when I heard that particular song that U2 still had "it" and I've a feeling I am going to be made to sit up and go, "What the ....." when I hear the new music. And that's exactly what I want!

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