Tuesday, 18 February 2014

U2 on The Tonight Show

Great performance of Invisible on The Tonight Show yesterday. It was performed on the rooftop of the building with a beautiful sunset and the amazing New York skyline behind them. The audience was conprised of the lucky New Yorker U2.com members who were asked to register interest and then were randomly picked, lucky things! Lovely energetic performance, all the band look great and Adam's hair is spectacular lol!

There was then a short interview in the studio which was funny - loved the coffee cup speech and the "spontaneous show business moment"quip. However there was no new information about the upcoming album and tour, U2 fans have to be very patient!

Following this was the "spontaneous show business moment," an acoustic version of Ordinary Love which was good, I thought the song sounded better performed this way, but it still isn't a song that does much for me. It's great to have the lads back, they have been away far too long.

Here's a full video of the performances and interview, enjoy!


  1. Get a feeling the album is gonba be later rather than sooner

  2. I'm sure you're right Karen :)