Thursday, 18 July 2013

The Angels Are Baking Cakes

Most people have lost someone close to them, and it
is hard for a long time but eventually you get on with your life, although there's a part of you that has died with them. Then out of the blue something happens that reminds you of them. That happened to me this evening. Coming in from work  there was a gorgeous sunset that turned the sky pink and immediately it made me think of my mother who died eleven years ago.

I got my love of nature from her, if there was a beautiful sunset we would often call each other to make sure we didn't miss it. But my memories of sunsets and my mum go back much further, to when I was a young child and if the sky glowed pink or red she would tell me that it was that colour because the angels in heaven were baking cakes. I remember I found that fascinating as a child and I still think of that - and my mum - every time there is a beautiful sunset, she would have loved nature's show this evening.

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