Monday, 15 July 2013

Lazy Summer Days

Our hot and sunny spell continues, we so deserve this good weather after all the crap summers we've had recently. This is when I appreciate working part-time all the more as I can fully enjoy these lovely days.  I don't mind not having a holiday somewhere warm this summer when it's like this, this is such a lovely country when the sun shines! Apparently the jet stream is sitting north of the British Isles instead of south hence the prolonged good weather, hopefully it'll stay there for a good while yet.

In the garden my strawberries and raspberries are reddening, will pick the first of them tomorrow. I have my first crop of Cox's Orange Pippins fattening up on my apple tree and my potatoes are nearly ready. This is the first year in about five that I haven't planted tomatoes, I gave up as they had failed miserably due to little sun and copious amounts of rain. Ironically, this year they would have thrived!

Took Pepsi to get groomed today, thought he'd appreciate losing his thick curly coat in this hot weather. He's literally half the dog he was lol! Though Pepsi, being the ragamuffin he is, still manages to get his "beard" all over the place!

Enjoy the summer folks!

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