Friday, 17 August 2012

Goodbye Olympics

Closing Ceremony of London 2012 Olympics
Well the Olympic Games in London are over, finishing with a grand, but slightly mad spectacle that summed up the UK pretty well - though the musical content could have been better. Loved the lighting effects and I think London was right not to try to emulate what Beijing did four years ago in its opening and closing ceremonies.  Instead it was something different, at times whacky, sometimes cheesy, funny, moving, amazing. For me the best bit was the Queen and James Bond, I can't believe they got her to do that LOL!

I'm not into sport much but I did watch a bit of the Olympics and enjoyed it. We did well in winning medals too which added to the general feel-good factor the Games gave the country. It has lit up an otherwise wet and miserable summer that has seen us unable to do many of the summer things because of the rain and we feel sad to see the games, and the good feelings it created, go. Let's hope though that the Olympics has captured the imagination of youngsters to strive to be Olympians of the future. But it's not completely over yet, the Paralypics start on 29th August!

Now the autumn clothes are coming into the shops, Christmas cards creeping onto the shelves (yes already!) and the first leaves are turning, so even if we do get some good weather now it won't last long. Luckily I've got a holiday in Nice to look forward to in a few weeks and I'm counting the days, can't wait to get back to the wine, fab food, baguettes (I love bread LOL!), patisseries, blue sea, relaxing days, roll on......

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