Monday, 4 June 2012

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee

When I was young I was very anti-royal family, I thought they were a waste of the people's money. Maybe part of that was because I'm only half English, I don't know. But my view has changed over the years (as views do) and, though not a massive royalist, I appreciate what the Queen has done for the country now.  And what struck me at this Jubilee celebration is that the Queen has been a constant in my life, she's always been there in the background since as far back as I can remember, and that's pretty.

Jubilee Concert Stage in Front of Buckingham Palace
(Photo Leon Neal AFP)
For an 86 year old she is doing well too, I was amazed at how long she stood on the royal barge during the Thames Pageant yesterday. Phillip too, though he's in hospital now with an infection maybe it was too much for him at 90! It was a typical British day weather-wise, windy and pouring with rain, one of the choirs on a boat was soaked, their hair plastered to their heads. But the British thing is to just ignore that and get on with things.

A lot of the time the Queen looks quite stern, yet when she smiles her face lights up, wish she would do that more. I don't envy her, still working hard at 86! But she has been a good representative for Britain, she's done her duties well and worked tirelessly - and there's never been any personal scandal.

Fireworks at the End of Jubilee Concert
(Photo Anthony Devlin PA)
Times are hard at the moment, and this has given the country a shot in the arm. Britons don't usually show much patriotism, you hardly ever see a Union Jack flying, we seem almost embarrassed to fly the flag. We've done things we can't be proud of in our colonial past, but we've also given the world a lot of good things, and we shouldn't be afraid of celebrating our Britishness sometimes. It has brought the people together of the four countries that make up Britain, lightened these difficult times, given us the chance to have fun, and also we got an extra bank holiday.

The royal family does need to modernise itself and I think that will happen when William takes the throne, he will move the royal family into the 21st century

60 years on the throne is a massive achievement, wonder if Elizabeth II will beat Victoria's record of 63 years? She seems to be taking after her mother health-wise and she was 101 when she died, so I think she could. 

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