Thursday, 29 September 2011

Woo Hoo Summer's Here!

It's weird to see the trees full of rich autumn colours, leaves on the ground, the nights closing in - and 25C temperatures!  Well weird, it's hotter now than it was in the "real" summer.  I've had to dig out the short sleeved tee shirts, table top fan and summer duvet again!  I'm not complaining though, it's lovely, long may it last.

I was coming home from work the other day, and because of the lovely weather decided to go by the scenic route via narrow country lanes.  I came round a bend in the road and was greeted by hundreds of pheasants everywhere, and I'm not exaggerating! I honked the horn and some ran off but many just stood in the road staring at me (pheasants must be a bit thick).  Being an animal lover I didn't want to run any of them over so I got out of the car, jumped up and down shouting which eventually made them scamper off.  Glad no one was around to see my antics! LOL!

I continued on towards home only to go around the other bend and what was there?  A herd of sheep - the joys of living in a rural county  .  I followed at a snail's pace, there was no way I could pass them, but I didn't really mind as I was watching the two sheep dogs that were herding the sheep.  They were amazing, keeping about a 100 animals on track, soon getting the odd sheep that decided not to follow the herd back in line.  After about 15 minutes the farmer got the two collies to herd the sheep off the road onto a small hill so the line of cars following could pass.  The dogs ran back and fore by the roadside making sure no sheep wandered down, as the cars passed by.  

So, a journey that should have taken me about 20 minutes took 40, but those kind of delays beat being stuck in car traffic any day!

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