Friday, 25 March 2011

U2 Tour to End in North America?

I've not written in my blog for a while, things have been quiet here and compared to world events (natural and manmade) my little life didn't inspire me to write.  But U2 reared it's head today and ahead of the opening South American Show in Santiago today Edge did an interview for Phantom Radio in Ireland. Points that came up:

-  The 360 Tour will "probably" end with the show in Moncton, but Edge was not 100% definite on this -  as of now "That will be the end", but "Never say never"
-  They have lots of projects in the air all going in different directions and are not ready to commit to any one just yet.  They will "Sit back and figure it all out" after the tour ends.
-  They are looking forward to Glastonbury and want to "shake it up" song wise there
-  Edge playfully joked about Bono's height (or lack of it!)

It's strange but when Bono says something you take it with a pinch of salt but somehow Edge is more believable!  But a lot of the interview does show the usual  U2 dithering and inability to just give facts.  Surely they know definitely when the tour will end considering all the organisation such a big project needs?  Lots of waffling about an album release too, but in reality U2 usually only release an album every four years and it's only been two since the last one so I'm not expecting anything soon.  Glastonbury?  Almost bound to be greatest hits, rather than shook up.

I'm actually partially relieved that it looks like there will be no further 360 UK/Irish gigs because this tour has cost me a lot so far and if they played here I'd just HAVE to go!  Give the old credit card a chance to recover lol!

Listen to the interview on the link below.

Phantom Radio Edge Interview

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