Wednesday, 23 February 2011 Petition

Last year I let my membership of lapse.  I was sad to do this as I'd been a member of Propaganda and then  for 25 years.  But over the last few years I became more and more dissatisfied with  The final straw being in summer 2009 when current members were asked to re-subscribe in order to get pre-sale codes (which enable you to get concert tickets a few days before the general public) for concerts in 2010.  My subscription was due for renewal in March 2010 and no way was I going to take out an expensive re-subscription over six months early in order to get a pre-sale code!  If you are a current member when tickets go on sale you should get a code.  And when the proper re-sub date came up I let the membership lapse and so ended a long fan club membership.

Many, many fans are dissatisfied with, fans really deserve better for their money.  A petition which sums up the problems very succinctly and respectfully has been started here.  I know some of the U2 fans who read this blog are not happy with either.  Maybe you might like to sign the petition.  It might or might not change things, but if fans don't say anything those at will think everything is ok and it certainly isn't.


  1. I tried to sign it Sue, but it wouldn't work. Have you done it?


  2. When you click on "sign" scroll your page down a bit and there you'll find the area to sign in. It took me a few tries before I realised I needed to scroll down too