Sunday, 27 February 2011

Bono in Verbier

Bono has been in Verbier this week.  Had to laugh at the fact that he seems to be spending more time in restaurants than on the slopes skiing - a man after my own heart!  I'm not surprised he's not skiing, the thought of our clumsy Bono on skis is scary lol.  Below is an excerpt from an article about this, full story and more photos here. 

(February 24, 2011 - Photo by Bauer Griffin)
"The lead singer of U2 has been in the upmarket Swiss resort this week. But he was spotted more in the restaurants than on the slopes. 

First it was outside the Vieux Verbier restaurant at the bottom of the main Medran lift in the middle of the week. It was during the day and he was not in his ski wear.

With his trademark dark glasses and scarf pulled over his face many of the diners and skiers had no idea they were in the company of high rock celebrity as he holidayed in the resort.

Then at 3.45 on Friday afternoon when  most people are putting in their final turns of the holiday, he emerged from Le Cristal restaurant at Les Ruinettes.  Fresh lobster is a speciality of the establishment.

It was half way up the mountains but again no sign of any ski wear despite the good conditions. And as he came out with his entourage he headed straight for the lift down to the village rather than the slope."

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