Monday, 13 September 2010

Mercy Me!

Must butt into my Canada holiday write up to update on some U2 tour news.  Earlier in the week I was delighted to hear that U2 had been rehearsing Mercy.  I have loved this song from the first moment I heard it, it's a true U2 song, no one else could have written, played or sung it.  It was dark and raw and fabulous.  Then last night in Zurich they played it live for the first time.  I've watched it on Youtube and, though it was not as raw and dark, it was still amazing.  Some of the lyrics were changed, and forgotten by Bono. "You're gravity, searching for the sound"...(quickly notices mistake)..."ground" LOL.  

Personally I prefer the original purely for it's menace and rawness, but for a first performance this was pretty good!  Mercy has long been a favourite of U2 fans, seems like the band have finally listened to us and put this song where it deserves to be.   I'm so proud of the band for being brave enough to do things like this, they can be control freaks, but they are really experimenting on this tour, keep up the good work lads.

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