Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Magnificent Video

Here's the video for Magnificent. It's not bad, it's always nice to have close ups of the band . But I do feel that in general it's a bit unadventurious and predictable. The sheet imagery could have created a beautiful mysterious atmosphere, an "unveiling" had it been handled better, and that would have really fitted with the song. Also, it's a pity the beauty of Fez was not used to it's full advantage. It's not a terrible video, but after the ground-breaking Get On Your Boots video I expected more. Shame because Magnificent is a much better song.


  1. Nice. Lovely close ups of the band. Always nice to get those once in a while. (This is going on my iPod, :-))

    Puts me in mind of "Mysterious Ways" for obvious reasons. :)

    Love how the sheets are used - almost as if they represent the wind - and the way they peel back to reveal bit by bit and then fly off into the sky. They remind me of doves in parts. I like the fact that mostly, the crowds do not notice the "magnificent" spectacle that is happening around them. Only a few take notice and many miss the miracle.

    I read somewhere a theory that people only see miracles if they are instantaneous, and if they happen over time they go unnoticed. "Miracles" like the body healing a bruise or scar, or nature blooming. Maybe that is what they were going for here. Who knows? :)

    God, I am in a strangely deep mood tonight! LOL

    Thanks for posting the video Sue!

  2. Interesting to read your views as always. The sheets with their graceful moves reminded me of the belly dancer they showed glimpses of. But still not too impressed with the video. I'm also disappointed that they have cut most of the intro to Magnificent, I love how it built up on the album version.