Tuesday, 5 May 2009

American David

On May 13th BBC Radio 4 will be broadcasting a recording of Bono reading his poem about Elvis, American David. This isn't something new, it was written in 1995 and recorded at a BBC interview in 2004 but never broadcast at the time. There's more info about it here

Personally, in all honesty I'm not impressed, read it here and see what you think.


  1. This as a poem does not really work. It is too long and a little "out there". Some good observations though, and quirky, which fits Elvis I suppose. :)

    I quite like it sung though. Bono's voice and the style in which he sings it gives it more meaning.... plus the fact that it's shorter.

    How come this is being re-hashed now?

  2. Yeah it is better sung. As you said as a poem it's far too long, it's rambling and I just lost interest about halfway through! Not one of Bono's best creations.

  3. That "poem" is artsy-fartsy, self-indugent, pseudo-intellectual crap. Bono when he tries to be clever. Juvenile wordplay disguised as art. - Sorry if I'm being too explicit, but I like Bono and therefore I have no patience with him when he's in his "pompous Irish smart ass" mode. ;-)

  4. I must say Andy, I completely agree. This is not art by any definition. Bono can thrill me with his words and he can also make me cringe, and this "poem" falls into the latter.