Tuesday, 3 February 2009

First Snowdrop!

The UK has been hit by snow straight from Russia, there have been heavy snowfalls especially in the south of the country, where the wintry weather caused absolute chaos. Here in Cumbria in the far north of England we are used to quite severe weather at this time of year but we escaped the worst of this icy blast. Yesterday we woke up to about three inches of snow (which is a lot for us, we rarely get snow). My neighbour built a snowman and my dog Max barked at it for about ten minutes thinking it was a real person (he's not very bright). My puppy Pepsi ignored the snowman (he's bright) and almost disappeared in the three inches of snow, but he thought it was great fun to leap through it with boundless energy through the first snow he'd ever seen!

My snowy front garden

It rained overnight and so today most of the snow has gone, and then I saw that the first snowdrop had blossomed in my garden! It's always a special day for me when I see the first snowdrop, it's the sign that spring is not too far off. By time I get to the end of January the days are starting to get longer and I'm ready to say goodbye to the winter, so the that snowdrop has a special significance for me. such a delicate yet tough flower. So here's to the spring, and, hopefully, a warm summer!


  1. Nice photo of your garden Sue. LOL... had to laugh at Max barking at the snowman!!!

  2. I can picture Max barking at the snowman in his unique tail-wagging fahsion. :-) It's always nice to have *some* snow during the winter season. After some rather grey years we've had our fair share of snow and cold in Norh Germany this time. For a few days in January the temperature dropped to -18 degrees and the waterpipes in our bathroom were frozen.