Saturday, 5 April 2008

U2 to the Rescue!

The other day I had to visit the dentist for a root canal filling. Like many people, I hate going to the dentist, I'd never had a root canal done and had heard several stories about them so I was more nervous than I usually am.

Well, it wasn't pleasant, I was lying in the chair as my dentist was filing away infection with great vigour inside my root canal, I had horror pictures of her going right through the root wall into my jawbone, or my tooth disintegrating and other such delights! I tried my best to distract myself, but it didn't work. Then I heard it, "Where the Streets Have No Name" was playing on the radio in the surgery! Hey, U2 was my saviour! In my mind I went back to the band playing the song live and visualised it all. The red lights, the spotlights coming up, the ecstatic, jumping audience all singing along, Bono racing round the heart......

And do you know, it really helped and soon the dental work was all finished, so thanks for your help U2, you were around when I needed you! The only problem is, I have to go back next week for more treatment!