Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Bono Lost??!!

Found this on the Internet and thought it was hilarious! Trust Bono to manage to get lost in Downing Street!

(By Hannah Louise Dunne)

BONO has revealed he got lost in 10 Downing Street after a dinner withTony Blair. Blair, seeing out his last few weeks as prime minister, invited Bono for a private dinner.

“It was very romantic. It was just me and him,” joked Bono.

They drank the Downing Street cellar’s best wine although the Dubliner conceded he had a little more to drink than the PM. Later, Mr Blair said he had to take an important call and asked Bono to see himself out. The Irishman couldn’t believe he was being allowed free run of the residence. He sat back and savoured the moment but then promptly got lost as he tried to find the front door. He took in all the historic photos on display and even came face to face with a portrait of villain of the Irish history, Lloyd George.

“We were face to face. Me and Lloyd George. The man who oversaw partition with the threat of war. We were eye to eye..... he said nothing,” joked Bono.

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  1. He he... Bono is so funny! A romantic meal with Tony, LOL