Friday, 14 March 2008

Update on New Year's Resolution

You may remember I made the standard New Year's resolution this year that many people make - to lose weight. Well, would you believe I've stuck to it and now have lost 17.5 pounds so far! I can hardly believe it myself, I am really motivated this time. I am losing it slowly which is the best way, and I am staying with it. I still treat myslef every now and then and Max is enjoying all his extra long walks! I already feel better for the weight I've lost and I'll stick with this diet for as long as I need to.


  1. That's great, Sue! Well done. Just keep thinking of one of the things on our "list" and that should spur you on. Roll on Nov 27th! :-)

  2. Thanks Deb! That definitely WILL spur me on :-)