Monday, 4 September 2017

Re-planting the Joshua Tree, a Poem by Debbi Voisey

After seeing the first show of The Joshua Tree Tour 2017 in London I asked if Debbi (who is a very talented writer) would write a poem about the gig, U2 and what it means to longtime fans like us. In 15 minutes she wrote the poem below which speaks so eloquently for me and I'm sure for many other fans of this amazing band. You can read more of Debbi's writing here - My Way by Moonlight.


A symbol of resiliance
Survival, faith and prayer
Planted 30 years ago
And in music you took us there

To a place of sheer rejoicing
And we followed you because
There is beauty and profoundness
In those songs you gave to us

Some years ago you chopped it down
And took us somewhere new
As your lives took many different paths
And as men you changed and grew 

We've been there to witness all of it
To share in all the joy
As our band became the man that was
Always hiding in the boy

A concert full of wonder
Emotion, love and tears
The Joshua Tree re-planted
After 30 glorious years

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