Saturday, 8 March 2014

For Goodness Sake U2 Get a Grip!

I could have phrased that more strongly, but hey, there's enough swearing on the Internet. The latest information according to Billboard magazine, regarding U2's next album and tour is that they will not be happening until 2015. After all the recent publicity and strong hints of an album release this year it looks like it will not be happening. They are going to work with more producers and Danger Mouse (aka Brian Burton) seems a bit vague as to what is happening though in the Billboard article it says that he is "remains onboard as the project's central producer," In a recent interview with he says:

As for the fate of his work on the highly anticipated U2 album, Burton claims to not have a clue despite the Irish band already releasing two songs from their sessions with him, the Golden Globe-winning and Oscar-nominated Ordinary Love and the single Invisible.

"I don't really know - I just know it's not done," he said.

But is he still the producer?

"I don't know. I'm working on [Broken]Bells right now I have no idea what they are doing. I've been working on it for YEARS but I'm sure they're still working on the record."

For me that quote says a lot, sounds like the same old story, instead of just going with it U2 is being anal again and bringing in more producers and probably working the music to a safe death, It's now over five years since the last album and it's pretty poor if they can't release a new album they are happy with after all that time. 

Read the full Billboard article hereI could go on and on and on, but that would be pointless, suffice it to say that, if this is true, I will not be a happy bunny!


  1. Totally agree. The magic about this band was the faith they always operated on. Faith in God, faith in their abilities, faith in their fan base. Now they are so insecure and careful and it's dragging them down. I have loved this band to the depths of my soul since 1986 and never, ever thought these words would cross my lips (or in this case my fingertips), but if NLOTH and now these shenanigans are all they can come up with in 9 years, it's time to Let it Go...Let it Go.

  2. I fear what we are watching is the demise of a once great band. They have lost their creative vison. I cannot see any love of music in what they are doing, it's just about selling a product, and obviously they were not happy with the commercial reception of the two new songs. I don't care anymore.

  3. Yes Patty, it's a shame that they seem trapped in insecurity nowadays. Andy, I agree, it's sad, I always thought REM disbanded at the right time, maybe U2 should think of that. I was boosted by Invisible, but delaying an album, tour, getting in new producers is just pathetic!