Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Some Things Are Meant To Be!

On May 10th I was working. It was a busy shift and just before I started it I'd received bad news about a friend which had upset me, so when I set off to work I felt quite down. I'd taken a CD of U22 with me as I'd just received it and U2's music always lifts me. So I was scooting around the city doing my calls listening to great music - the live CD is fantastic!

I had a break in calls that coincided with me being close to home so I popped in for a quick cuppa. I checked my phone and saw a post on Facebook from @U2 about a benefit gig in Dublin for Christy Dignam  (the singer from that great band Aslan) who, sadly, is suffering from cancer. I remember many years ago seeing Aslan (who then we'd barely heard of) at Vicar St in Dublin. It was a raucous gig, lots of beer,  but also a very amazing one, we were both well impressed and captivated by the totally unique performing style of Christy Dignam. So it was very sad to hear that he is now gravely ill with cancer. The gig is to raise funds for his continuing treatment.

In the article it said that Bono was going to be one of many Irish artists who will sing with the rest of Aslan. Well, I nearly fell out of that chair when I saw the date June 21st - I am on holiday that week! It's been a year since I've been in Dublin and I am sooo ready for a trip there.  I immediately sent a text to Debbi, "Fancy this?" and so began an hour of frantic back and forth texting. I had to go back out to work so Debbi had to try to get tickets, we knew they wouldn't be available for very long.

Eventually I got a text from Deb, "We're in!" Yay! I was over the moon. We got seats in the gods of the Olympia Theatre, but we're in there and that's the main thing. We had no idea if we could get flights or accommodation, and Deb didn't even know if she could get the Friday off! But sometimes you've got to be spontaneous and just go for things. Most of our lives we are "sensible" and, for me, that can get a bit boring, so it's good to take a risk now and then. Luckily we both have that attitude!

And it has all worked out, we got reasonable flights, a brilliant deal (great negotiating Deb!) for a room for two nights at The Clarence and Deb also got her day off.  So it was meant to be, especially as it was also a special birthday ;)!

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