Friday, 25 January 2013


I had one of my insomniac nights last night and was on Facebook and saw a post from Xtreme Rescue Inc about a dog called Frankie, who was skin and bone, in a shelter, no one wanted to adopt her and she was due to be put to sleep today. It broke my heart to see her so skinny and curled up in that bare cage, how cruel people can be, it takes a long time for a dog to get to that state. Here's the post and picture that I found so compelling:

This is FRANKI (A1500649). She is at Miami Dade Animal Services. Tomorrow she gets euthanized because no one has come for her and no one has stepped up to rescue her. She is emaciated... skin and bones. She has given up on life.. would not even look at me... she knows tomorrow is her last day. WE CANT SAVE HER BECAUSE WE ARE FULL. We have NO foster offers, or adopters!! I will think of Franki all night.... maybe a miracle will come our way....

Well due to this post on Facebook, numerous people responded, with offers of help with fostering and transport and money to help Franki. Someone fostered a dog from Xtreme Rescue Inc so there would be a place for Franki. A stay was put on her euthanisation and she was picked up by the Rescue. 

A miracle did happen for poor Franki, and she is now safe and not going to be put to sleep. Let's hope that more miracles will happen for her and that she can be nursed back to health and find a loving home and realise that humans can be kind and caring towards dogs.  It just shows the power Facebook can have for mobilising people for good, and how it spurs action by uniting  communities. It is also great that there are organisations like Xtreme Rescue Inc willing to stand up for these unfortunate animals. And here's happy photo of Franki leaving the shelter!


  1. Poor Franki! I agree about the good that places like Facebook can do, but I still find it a bit sad how people post every intimate detail about their life on there too.

    I used to volunteer at a local animal rescue centre (where I got my beloved kitty from) and it was heartbreaking sometimes to see the way people treat animals, but I was also amazed at their resilience and how they can trust people again.

  2. Yes, animals do tend to respond to kindness and love even after terrible abuse, the sweetest dog I ever had had been the victim of cruelty. I agree about Facebook, it never ceases to amaze me what people put on there about their lives sometimes!

  3. Aww poor dog, but luckily some kind people saved him at the last moment. I'm sure he will respond to lots of love and attention