Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Starling Show

I met up with my friends Dawn and Elfriede in nearby Annan today, a chance to catch up on news, have lunch and exchange Christmas gifts.  On my way home I stopped at the Gretna Gateway Outlet for a quick look, found myself an excellent bargain price top in Marks and Spencer's, love a bargain!  While I was at the Outlet something happened that had everyone looking up in wonder. Thousands and thousands of starlings were performing their amazing aerial dance prior to roosting. Their swoops, sinuous turns and waves were both mesmerising. From all directions smaller groups of birds joined the mass of birds and instantly became part of the whole. How these birds synchronise this en mass dance (which has the strange name of murmuration) who knows, nature is amazing, but it is stunning to watch.  I took this photo, which doesn't really do justice to the wonder of the sight.

You can read more about murmuration here. And apparently Gretna is one of the best places to witness this spectacle, you learn something every day! As I walked back to my car I could hear the racket of roosting starlings from trees near the shopping centre as they were settling for the night. When I got to my car I had to smile, as it had a large amount of bird droppings on it, ahh well, it's supposed to be good luck lol!  

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