Monday, 19 November 2012

Why Poverty? Give Us the Money

As part of the Why Poverty? series being shown on various BBC channels there will be one programme called Give Us the Money, that looks at the involvement of celebrities in the fight against poverty.  It will examine the work over the last 30 years of Bono and Bob Geldof amongst others. It will include interviews with them and will be broadcast at 9pm on Sunday 25th November on BBC Four. The whole series sounds interesting and covers many aspects of poverty.  I just wish it was being shown on the mainstream BBC One rather than Four (as far as I can see only one programme in the series is being shown on BBC One). It is a very important series and should not be tucked away on Four.

More information about the Why Poverty? series can be found here. And specific programme info for Give Us the Money can be found  here.

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