Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Coming Soon - A Permanent U2 Exhibition in Dublin

The Little Museum at St Stephen's Green in Dublin has announced that it is going to create a permanent U2 exhibition.  All I can say is it's about time, it should have been done years ago!! They are asking fans to help them out with rare exhibits, full details can be found here. Looking forward to visiting next time I'm in town. Now must look through my memorabilia and see if I have anything they might be able to use ......


  1. Sue

    I read about this too and am really excited. I agree with you that it is about time! Can't wait to see what gems they turn up, and wonder if the band themselves with contribute anything.

    Will certainly be visiting next time I am in Dublin. If you make it before I do you will have to post a review.

  2. Oh yes I'll definitely write about it here! Sue