Wednesday, 18 April 2012

A Dog Called Hope by Bono

Photo taken from BuzzFeed website
Bono left this poem in his hotel room in Jerusalem after his recent visit to Israel. For those who can't read the writing here is a transcription. Amichai was an Israeli poet.

"In Jerusalem, hope springs eternal. Hope is like a faithful dog, sometimes she runs ahead of me to check the future, to sniff it out and then I call to her: Hope, Hope, come here, and she comes to me. I pet her, she eats out of my hand and sometimes she stays behind, near some other hope maybe to sniff out whatever was. Then I call her my Despair. I call out to her. Here, my little Despair, come here and she comes and snuggles up, and again I call her Hope."

He signed, "With great thanks for great room in great hotel in great city, Bono.  
reading Amichai ___" (can't make out the last word)  
Beautiful words, scary drawing (love the shades though)!


  1. What a great tip to find!! Lol

    That last bit says April '12

    Thanks for posting


  2. Yes, a brilliant tip! Thanks for the translation of the date.

  3. That's SO him! :-) תודה על ציור

  4. It certainly is Andy, I love it when he writes like this