Tuesday, 16 June 2009

360 Minus Two Weeks

I'm sitting here finding it hard to believe that the 360 Tour will be on the road in two weeks. It's always seemed so far off, my first show in Nice will be in just over four weeks. Part of me is really looking forward to it and part of me is thinking "Oh God!" The days of queuing for hours and then standing for hours are over for me, I just can't be bothered anymore and most of our tickets this time are seated. It's funny how your views change. It will be nice to visit all the different places and meet up with my friends again, we always have a lot of laughs and adventures.

I hope the lives shows are brilliant - though I do still wish they were doing arenas. I like NLOTH, but it's not in my top three, and now months after it's release I feel a lot of the songs won't translate well live. But one area where U2 have never let us down is with their live concerts (ooops, except Las Vegas Popmart!) and I'm pretty sure they will take me on that emotional rollercoaster once more and work that magic.

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