Monday, 27 October 2008

A New Arrival .....Maybe Update

Unfortunately I have had to decide not to adopt Gemma the beautiful greyhound. She was an absolute sweetheart, but my Max is too feisty to risk taking her on, he may just push her too far one day and she might turn on him. I must say she showed no sign of aggression, but I know I would worry as I know Max can be bolshy with big dogs. If I didn't have Max Gemma would be already living in my home. But she's such a gorgeous girl that I just know she'll find the right home very soon and she deserves it. I will join the Dumfries and Cumbria Greyhound Rescue and do some voluntary work for them, they do a brilliant job

I still hope to get another dog, but will look for a smaller one that doesn't freak Max out - he is ok with smaller dogs I know that. I'm sure somewhere out there the right dog is waiting for Max and I.


  1. wise move - max looks adorable and lets face it he is the master. he came first. you WILL find your new 4 legged friend when the time is right. a friend just went to the pet store to buy dog food and came home with a puppy! her older lab has gotten over the horror and now they are best mates.

  2. Yeah i know I've done the right thing, I'm just a bit sad as Gemma was so sweet. Max is a real rascal, thinks he's a big dog!